Fauna & Flora

Those interested in the local fauna will find this a perfect paradise. You will see plenty of Deer (red, roe, fallow and muntjac), especially in winter along the edge of Loch Shiel where they come down to feed. Wild cats, foxes, squirells, and badgers also roam the woodlands. Bird lovers will find themselves in heaven. In addition to the many song birds, buzzards and osprey; the area is one of the best landscapes to observe Scotland’s largest raptors. Golden eagles are frequently seen soaring in the sky, and the spectacular white tailed sea eagle is becoming a common visitor to Loch Shiel.

In summer, the Loch is one of the few places where it is possible to glimpse the rare and magnificent black throated diver. Flocks of graylag geese graze the lochside meadows on the southern shores of the Loch, included the famed wetlands of Claish Moss nearby, which is home to 9 different species of dragon fly, and 14 different species of moss and many scarce plants.

Pine martens are now extinct from most of England and Wales, but their last remaining UK stronghold is in Scotland. They are residents in the forest around Loch Shiel and are regulary seen at the Lodge. The BBC chose this location to capture their footage of this rare species for Autumn Watch.

Ardnamurchan is one of the best places in the UK for seeing Otters. They are often to be seen at the waters edge in Strontian. A great day out exploring Ardnamurchan's wildlife can be found on the Nadurra Centre. For details visit www.nadurracentre.co.uk

Sunart is the largest surviving indigenous Oak forest in Europe. From Strontian to Acharachle, many places of interest can be found, with ample parking, picnic areas and information. Especially famed is the Ariundle nature trail, nearby in Strontian.

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